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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost?

A: $125 for Tackle Football, $100 for Flag Football and Cheerleading, $75 for Flag Cheer. You may register and hold your spot with a $25 non-refundable deposit. Full payments are due by July to secure spots.

Q: When are practices and games?

  • Tackle Football: Aug. 2 - Oct. 16. Practice Tues, Wed, Thurs @5:30. Games on 8 Saturdays

  • Cheerleading (Tackle): Aug. 2 - Oct. 16. Practice Tues, Thurs @5:30. Games on 8 Saturdays

  • Cheerleading (Flag): Aug. 5 - Sept. 25. Practice Thurs @5:30. Games on 6 Saturdays.

  • Flag Football: Aug. 3 - Sept. 25. Practice Tues, Thurs @5:30 (only Tues for second half of season). Games on 6 Saturdays.

See schedules here

Q: What equipment do the Knockers provide?

  • Tackle - fee covers all leg and shoulder pads, helmet, game uniform and practice pants for the season. Families only need to provide cleats and practice jersey. Please contact us if you need support purchasing these items. While not required, we encourage families to purchase a 5-pad girdle to make getting dressed easier, especially for younger athletes (Example 5-pad girdle)

  • Cheer - fee covers game uniform for gamedays and hair bow. Team fundraiser will go towards purchase of white cheer shoes. There is NO uniform purchase needed.

  • Flag - fee covers uniform (shorts and t-shirt) which athletes get to keep! Families only need to provide cleats. Preferably football or soccer cleats. While cleats are not required, they are encouraged. Some athletes may wear tennis shoes if preferred.

Q: Where is the Home Field?

White Oak Park, Bloomington, IL

Q: Where did the name "KNOCKERS" come from?

Great question! We get this a lot. The name originates from the city of Knock, Ireland. In 1879 there was an apparition of Mary and several Saints at a small church in County Mayo. The location has been seen as a place for those who face challenges and adversity to seek comfort and strength. When our program was founded in 1957, a local priest, Father Casper, led the fundraising efforts to provide equipment to west-side Bloomington athletes who typically could not afford organized sports. In appreciation for his work, he was allowed to name the team. Having recently returned from a visit to Knock, we were branded the Knockers which is where our Shamrock, Gold, and other Irish-stylings originate.

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